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Cabling Tray Installation For High Tech Manufacturing Plant

July 31, 2020
A Cincinnati based electronics manufacturer needed to upgrade their network to support business growth. They have a large amount of data cabling for offices and equipment throughout the plant. More runs are needed but they needed safe paths to run and support cables. Fleet Rehab installed cabling trays to provide this path and support and distribute wired network access to key areas. We installed more than 1000 feet of network cabling tray. Both 12" and 2" tray was implemented in this solution. Because the electronics plant was full of delicate equipment and products our team was extremely careful working in the location. Man lifts had to be used with care. We arranged the network paths for easy access and maximum coverage to each location. A ladder rack was also installed in the server room to carry cables out to the building. Overall this installation was completed successfully. We truly appreciate our customers gave us the opportunity to tackle this project.
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