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fiber optic cabling

Ohio Low Voltage offers Fiber Cable Installation, Repair and Termination.

Have a damaged single mode or multimode fiber cable? Need some fiber cable terminated? We can help get you back online!

Fiber optic cabling provides extremely high speeds of data transmission using light. Multimode and Singlemode fiber cabling is often used to extend internal networks when locations are more than 300 feet from the main data frame or DMARC.

Fiber cabling is ideal for communication between an MDF and IDF in an office, factory, or large facility where users are spread out.

Ohio Low Voltage can run fiber cabling spec'd to meet your needs with room for expansion. Our technicians can run single or multi strand cabling to give you powerful data transmission capabilities from one location to another.

Fiber cabling comes in several varieties and a variety of connector types. We can spec out fiber cabling to and connect your devices for optimal performance.

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Fiber Cabling Services We Offer
  1. Fiber Cabling Installation
  2. Fiber Cable Testing
  3. Fiber Cable Termination
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