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Ohio Low Voltage

Security cameras
Surveillance Cameras add a layer of security to your business. A quality camera system gives a clear view of daily events. This can be extremely valuable to monitor your business or facility.

Ohio Low Voltage installs and services security camera systems. We service power over ethernet systems and coax systems.  

We recommend security cameras at entryways, common spaces, areas where money or valuable goods are handled and secure areas.

All our camera systems offer remote viewing capabilities. Typical systems feature a networked DVR that records video onsite and broadcasts live footage online.

Cameras feature adaptive day and night vision as well as audio recording.

Camera Systems can be spec'd out for any budget from high end to a basic HD system.
Security Camera Service We Offer
  1. New Camera System Installation
  2. Camera System Trouble Shooting
  3. Camera Replacement
  4. Camera Cabling Installation
  5. Camera Adjustment / Service
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