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Ohio Low Voltage

Church Streaming and Security Project

July 14, 2020
Due to COVID19, a local church needed to stream their services. Their network was moving slow in the sanctuary even though they had a wireless extender there. Wireless signal was weak at best and one tenth of what it should be. They called Hard Wired Cabling. We came with Cat6 cable in hand to solve their laggy network woes. First we ran Cat6 across the building to the wireless extender in the sanctuary. This boosted network speed from 40 mbps download to the correct 300 mbps and uploads rose from 5 mbps to 40 mbps. Next we ran a new Cat6 line from the DMARC in the basement of the church up to the main office hub. Finally we fixed a connection for a second guest network router. Once the network was running up to snuff the reverend at the church asked if we could install some surveillance cameras at entrances. This time we ran BNC cables throughout the building to connect security cameras to a streaming capable IVR. We mounted cameras at entrances and key locations around the building for an added layer of security. Now the church network is faster and their security is stronger making them more ready to continue their work despite the pandemic.
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