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Office Network Rehab

March 9, 2021
Do you have a nightmare network? Does it seem like your computer closet is booby trapped? Ohio Low Voltage can sort out the mess and fix any issues along the way. We recently had a customer who was constantly having network issues due to a poorly set up network room. The network was barely hanging on with masses of loose cables and dangling power supplies. Not to mention the flooding that occasionally happens in the utility room where it was located. Something needed to be done to keep this tool rental business from halting. Our technicians surveyed the site and worked with the customer to determine that the network needed to be moved to another room. Luckily we were able to save a large portion of the cabling. We had just enough material to move much of the cabling. Then we installed a new backboard and network cabinet along with a conduit path. We also moved the fiber cable that linked the main building network to their repair shop. This was a fairly extensive process that had to be done while keeping daily operations in mind. Once complete the business was left with a super reliable network with a nice clean installation. Contact us if your network needs cleaned up. We can work with you to improve its performance and reliability!
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