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Ohio Low Voltage

Office Remodel & Upgrade - Data Cabling, TVs

July 31, 2020
A high tech indoor farming startup needed their office network refreshed as part of a full renovation project. They called Hard Wired Cabling to tackle the project quickly to meet their deadline. We demoed out the old Cat5E cabling in the office and replaced it with higher performance Cat6 cable. Our technicians ran drops to all requested areas of the office. This included wall drops and floor boxes. This project had to be done while construction was taking place. We spent a great deal of time making sure we executed the project correctly. We worked in sync with the other construction crews. We pride ourselves on being able to work side by side with other trades to make sure everyone can get what they need accomplished. Once all the cabling was run, terminated and tested we thought things were done. But wait there was more! The company higher ups were having an important meeting with the city mayor, company CEO, media and many other important people at the end of the week. They needed flat screen TVs for presentations and media display and they only had two days to get them mounted and connected. They said they needed Hard Wired Cabling to get it done. We said, "We got this!" We are proud to say we completed installation just in time for the meeting and the office looks spectacular. If you need a project complete, big or small and you need reliable data com contractor to knock it out...you need Hard Wired Cabling! Contact us today to schedule a site survey.
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