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Phone and Wifi Expansion

August 13, 2020
A pet crematory company was expanding their office and warehouse space. They needed more phone lines for offices and an additional wireless access point. Hard Wired Cabling techs installed five new phone lines and a Cat6 cable for an additional wireless access point. The company uses a traditional phone system with NEC controller. Once all the lines were installed we found the system had run out of ports. So we were able to add a digital station card to expand the system for their new offices. The cables were run from the locations DMARC to their office and warehouse locations. Our cabling techs also moved a camera from one location to another to view the new area. We chose a Ubiquity wireless access point to expand their existing ubiquity system. Once connected the access point would not connect to the wired network. After troubleshooting we found the POE switch was not providing power or the correct IP information. We addressed the DHCP issue with the cable company and connected directly to the router with an inline POE injector to power the wireless access point. Overall this install has been straightforward. We were able to quickly install the needed cables, camera and devices. The business now can move on with operations and begin using their new space. Have an expansion or update in mind for your business location? Contact us today for a free site survey.
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